A Troubled Past

by Fortissimo Hall

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Kaku thumbnail
Kaku All the tracks in this are amazing <3 Favorite track: I Used to be Scared of This.
Srarlight thumbnail
Srarlight Grand Kec's theme is simply awesome and every song in this album was made very well and adds a lot to the atmosphere of the past, expressing the undertones of darkness that will be faced~ Favorite track: Guillotine's Beckoning.
Inky thumbnail
Inky Eerie and mysterious is that variation to the previous track "A Flame Shines Upon The Darkness", it gives the feeling that the opposite is also true that Darkness Falls Upon the Light. It fits the Twilight Puppets well, alongside their intentions. Favorite track: Twilight Puppeteer.
Kavukamari thumbnail
Kavukamari intense and great Favorite track: I Can Do What I Want With It.


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